Nabeel Haddad

Critic, Academic. Currently teaches Arabic literature at Yarmouk University and writes regularly in Jordanian and Arab newspapers and magazines. Authored and published over 14 books and scholarly studies on Jordanian and other Arab fiction writers and cultural phenomena. Active participant in regional and international cultural festivals and seminars.

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Ibrahim Jaber

Writer, Editor. Published three short story collections (1999, 2002, 2002) and a play (2002). Columnist and Editor of the Cultural Page in al-Arab al-Yawm daily newspaper in Amman.

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Ziad Anani

Journalist, Poet. Born in 1962. Published six poetry collections (1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2004. 2005). Works in the Culture Section if Al-Ghad daily newspaper – Amman and regularly writes for Arab newspapers and magazines.

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Laila al-Atrash

Novelist and Media Figure. TV news anchor and program producer. Published in Arabic five novels (1988, 1990, 1997, 1999, 2005) and a collection of short stories (1991) and an English translation of one other novel (1999). Weekly political columnist in Ad-Dustour daily and writer and member of the editorial board of the Amman Cultural Magazine, and the National Council for Family Book. Took part in several international literary festivals in France, UK, Germany, and Arab countries.

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Amjad Nasser

Poet, Journalist. Practiced journalism and editing in Beirut, Cyprus, Eden and, since 1987, literary editor for the daily Al-Quds al-Arabi newspaper in London. Published eight poetry collections, and two travel books (1998, 2002), with selected poems translated and published in French (1998), Italian (2001) and Spanish (2002). Participated in several international poetry festivals, including in Colombia, Italy, Holland, the UK and Brunei.

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Fakhri Saleh

Critic, writer and editor. Authored many books on Arabic literature and fiction (1982, 1985, 1993, 1998, 2000) and translated into Arabic several literary criticism books on modernism and post-modernism. Head of the cultural department of Ad-Dustour daily in Amman, Head of the Jordanian Association of Critics, and Vice-President of the Jordanian Writers Association.

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Hussein Nashwan

Painter, Poet. Active member of the local and Arab plastic artists associations and participant in a series of individual and joint art exhibitions. Regular writer of literary studies in Arab periodicals. Published on book of poetry and five books on literary figures and themes. Works currently as managing editor of the Ar-Rai daily in Amman.

Musa Hawamdeh

Poet, Writer. Published four books of poetry (1988, 1998, 1999, 2004) in Amman. One of his books, published in Beirut, was banned in Jordan and many other Arab countries for after being accused of "violating the Koran" and criticizing the religious establishment. Radical Islamists escalated the campaign, calling for the poet to be killed. He was summoned to a Shari'a court to face allegations of apostasy, and was later sentenced to three months in jail. He lives and works in Amman, Jordan.

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Yahya al-Qaisi

Writer, movie critic, and journalist. Published novels and short story collections (1990,1997, 2004, 2006). His work deals with controversial political issues and social taboos in the Arab and Islamic society. He also produced 23 documentary films about prominent Jordanian cultural figures. He is currently a producer at the Amman-based ATV.

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Mahmoud Rimawi

Jouranlist, Political Analyst and Author. Born on 1948 in Beit Reema, West Bank, Palestine. Worked in Lebanese and Kuwaiti newspapers. Wrtes daily political column in "Ar-Rai" Jordanian newspaper since 1987. Published 9 collections of short stories, and two novels.

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Mousa Barhouma

Editor, Author, Journalist. Writer on a wide renge of literary and cultural issues. Published two books of collected essays and studies (1998) and another on Arab cultural heritage (2005). Currently works as Executive Editor of Al-Ghad daily newspaper in Jordan.

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Jamal Abu Hamdan

Novelist, Dramatist, Poet. Multifaceted and versatile writer. Published 0ver 10 books of plays, novels, short story collections and poems. Awarded several state prizes in Jordan and other Arab countries for his literary achievements. Also well known for his highly-acclaimed dramatization of several serious TV series that are broadcast on many Arab satellite channels.

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Zulaikha Abu Risheh

Poet, Columnist, Researcher and Activist. A founding member of a many local and regional NGOs, active supporter of women's rights, and human rights. Author of a series of studies on these topics as well as on gender issues, religious tolerance and resistance to terrorism and extremism. Published a number of poetry collections, short stories and children's books and educational studies.

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Ibrahim Nasralla

Poet, Novelist, Painter. A well-rounded and dedicated creative writer and artist. Published over 15 novels, 10 poetry collections and as many critical studies on other Arab literary figures. He contributes to several of the main newspapers in the Arab World and also writes regularly about film and cinema. As a painter and photographer, he has taken part in several exhibitions. Some of his work has been translated into to various European languages, including English, French, German and Italian, and he has won several prizes in Jordan and the Arab world for his work.

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Ibrahim Khalil

Critic, Academic. Critic, Academic. Currently teaches Arabic literature at the University of Jordan and writes regularly in Jordanian and Arab newspapers and cultural reviews. Authored and published nearly 30 books and scholarly studies (1974-2005) on Jordanian and other Arab writers, poets and novelists as well as on modern theories and trends in literary criticism. Active participant in Arab and regional and l cultural seminars and conferences.

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Mefleh Odwan

Writer, Essayist, Scriptwriter. Regular contributor of feature articles in Jordanian and Arabic periodicals. Published nearly ten plays, short story and feature story collections, produced several plays on theater and directed a series of televised documentaries. Won a number of awards and medal in the Arab countries in recognition for his creative efforts.

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Hashem Gharaibeh

Writer, Novelist. Regular writer of reviews and literary essays in Jordanian and Arab papers. Published over 15 works (novels, plays, short stories, children's books and critical essays) between 1980-2005. plays active parts in Jordan's cultural and literary scene.

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Fakhri Quwar

Novelist, Columnist. Prolific and versatile writer. Published over 30 novels, short story collections, children's books, collections of essays and articles. President of the Jordanian Writers League for four consecutive terms (1991-1999). President of the Arab Writers Federation for 3 terms (1992-1998). Awarded a number of prizes and medals in Jordan and other Arab countries. Some of his writings translated into English, French and other foreign languages. Still writes a daily column in Ar-Rai daily newspaper in Jordan.

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Jalal Rifai

Cartoonist, Artist. Studied Art in London and worked as art director and cartoonist for a number of Arab dailies and magazines before settling full-time with ad-Dustour newspaper in Amman. Published one (illustrated) book on people's daily problems and concerns. Popular and well-received by the public for his representation of daily life of citizens and officials in a sarcastic yet constructive manner. His drawings displayed in a many regional private and joint exhibitions.

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Rifqa Doudin

Literary Critic, Author and Academic. Teaches Arabic literature at the Muta University and writes critical studies on Jordanian and Arab fiction in local and regional periodicals. Published two critical books (1996, 2007), and three novels (1990, 1994, 2000). Awarded the "Amman, Cultural Capital Prize" (2002).

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Mohannad Mobaydeen

Author, Historian and Columnist. Teaches history at the Philadelphia University – Jordan. Published three volumes on modern Arab history and writes columns and essays in Jordanian and regional periodicals. Spent three months in prison "for offending the memory of religious figures" in one of his essays. Member of the editorial board of the Amman Cultural Magazine.

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Subhi Fahmawi

Writer, Novelist. Contributes critical articles and literary reviews to local and Arab newspapers. Published three novels and short story collections on the challenges facing the younger generations of Arab citizens.

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